Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Google Photoscan Review

I'm a Google fanboy that's alway on the lookout for new Google products and Photoscan is the newest one that's been up for less than 24 hours at the time of this writing.

I've used the Photoscan app for a couple of hours to test it out and as much as I want to say it's the perfect solution for digitizing your printed photos quickly, as of now... it's a work in progress, more on this after the break.

The problem with taking pictures of printed photos is that if there's not enough lighting you would need to use the flash on your phone and in doing they'll glare on the pictures that you just took which ruin it. What Photoscan does is that it uses something called computational photography that automatically removes glares with math.

How it works is that you frame the printed photo and take a picture of it then certain points on the picture will pop up then you need to move your camera and follow the dots which takes multiple pictures that will be stitched together and analyzed to remove any glare from the final photo.

Here's the promotional video that made download the app immediately.
I made sure I followed the instructions correctly but still most photos I took just doesn't look right. Though it doesn't have any obvious glare, it's overexposed, there's a white center on most of the pictures and without the flash yes, there's no glare but it isn't as sharp with it on.

glare, overexposed, skewed

So as much as I like to love this application made by Google, it's not working as advertised right now. There are currently better solutions out there that have been out for awhile and one of those is what I use for work when scanning documents, not going to elaborate on that application but I'll show a quick comparison of it to Google's.

These photos you can see were taken using an application called Scannable by Evernote and with or without the flash it's able to capture the printed photo properly and even on a skewed angle it still was able to properly to correct the orientation of the picture and the final products look better at times than the one taken using Google's Photoscan app.

The app was just released and it's in its early stages, knowing Google this application will only get better and as mentioned in the first paragraph of this post I'm a Google fanboy and I have my life backed up on Google and hopefully that includes my childhood photos in the near future.

You can download the Photoscan fo iOS and Android by clicking on your OS.

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