Thursday, November 3, 2016

McDonald's Signature Collection - An Autograph To Your Taste buds

McDonald's had a social media campaign on their new Signature collection sandwiches and are giving away 100 of those on every branch they have here in UAE so of course, I know I'll be one of the first people in line.

To make sure I will not be fighting for a spot, I went to the nearest McDonald's branch with my son 30 minutes earlier and while waiting I had him play at the kid's area. Read more on how it went after the break.


There were no specifics on their social media posts on how will we be getting the free sandwich, so I had to ask one of the service crew and was told to simply like any of their social media pages and show it to them, after doing so, you'll be given a voucher that you need to present in the counter in order to place your order. 

There were several people who came early as well but didn't get any vouchers because they either didn't have their phones with them or they didn't have any working internet to show that they have liked the pages and I'm sure there are more of those standing in the long queue.


The first thing I noticed in their so-called signature collection sandwich is the newly printed box it comes in and when you open it it's around the same size as a Big Mac and looks like it uses the same type of bun, I was expecting it to be more of the same size as their Big Tasty.


What's in between the buns are caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, melted cheddar cheese, a new blend of dressing and the part of the sandwich that probably gives it its signature name, the 100% Angus beef patty which is the thickest that I have seen in any of their burgers.

The patty was juicy, the mushroom added a layer of texture, onions along with cheese and dressing added sweetness and savouriness to every bite, I was enjoying it too much that I lost focus on my son and he almost fell from his seat, and THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS.

I finished my meal after 30 minutes and there were still people outside.
If I have any comments on it, I would say it's a wee bit salty probably because of the choice of cheese or an extra salt that was added there that it didn't need. I was thinking it would've been better if I picked the one I saw on the video, the one with the guacamole sauce, but it was chicken and I wanted beef, oh well.

All in all, I enjoyed my free premium signature burger and my son enjoyed his fries. All we needed to do was to show up on time to get our free meal, so who could complain about that. If I get another chance to eat one of these signature collections, I would definitely have the one that has guacamole in it.

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