Monday, October 31, 2016

Elevation Burger? more like Demotion Burger (Sharjah Branch)

The claim was that their burgers are 100 % organic, which doesn't necessarily mean anything to me but always wanted to try a different burger joint whenever I can and when a voucher for a discounted meal came, I just had to dine-in. The voucher was for a cheeseburger, fries, and fountain soda.

Location of the restaurant is okay, they situated it right along the lagoon corniche which I think it's too far away from the Majaz Waterfront for the customers to enjoy the view of the fountain show. Once we got there, ordered, got served, and when I handled the burger to take my first bite, I immediately felt it's too small in my hands, and I have small hands.

The burger was mediocre at most, so much for the organic-ness of it, it wasn't juicy, the cheese wasn't melting, and I managed to finish it in a few bites because it was too small. As for the fries, I asked the crew if they really serve the fries like that, like it's been sitting out of the fryer and being soggy, because there were three orders of those and none of it was crispy, they simply replied just put that in the review form we'll give to you later instead of doing something about it.

Soggiest Fries

I had really high expectations from this restaurant, like Fuddruckers who specializes in burgers, I was looking to be satisfied especially considering how they priced their burgers but it was an utter disappointment.
Taken before having a bite
I'm not totally dismissing this chain of burger restaurants since they have several branches across UAE, maybe it's just the management or the crew to blame in this branch so if I get the chance to dine-in on another one, I would and see the difference but you got to try it for yourselves, don't bother coming to the Sharjah branch.

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