Friday, January 31, 2014

Fanta Apple - It's Fanta-stic!

I'm not doing this just because I need to have a new post in my blog. No, I'm not. Really I'm not.
This would be filed under a new tab called "Beverages" since it can't really be considered food.

It was 1 in the morning when I felt thirst and in my mind, water wouldn't suffice. So I went out in search of something to drink when a certain green can caught my attention. I came closer and saw it's an apple flavored soda, a variant of Fanta which is known in the Philippines as  Royal. Was it good? Check out after the break.
Fanta is one of the many products of the Coca-Cola corporation and this one like many others of their creation is a carbonized sugar filled drink.  What sets this apart is that it's apple flavored.

Back home I used to drink apple flavored tea, apple flavored powdered juice and even apple flavored pseudo beer but I have never tried a soda version. Really wasn't expecting anything radical, in fact I was just hoping it would be drinkable as to not have wasted my money and to my surprise, I really really liked it.

"In a scale of apple, soda and a can over a red couch, I give this a B-/94.6"

The apple flavor is blended perfectly, it doesn't taste synthetic and the taste is actually leaning to the green apple taste which in my opinion is better than the red one. 

If you ever happen to come a cross this flavor, I would strongly advise for you to buy specially if you are into apple because for 2 AED or 50 cents (25 PHP) you'll be able to have a refreshing drink that doesn't leave you thirsty like other sodas and it would make you want to drink more because it's just that good.

Nothing beats water, though drinking 8 glasses of water is a propaganda of water bottling companies, I agree that you should drink plenty. Kampai!

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