Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well... It's a start! :D

            This would be the first official blog entry that I will post here so I guess what better way to start my reviews is by reviewing this site, blogger.com and it's benefits. This site has been a round for some years now and is one of those sites where I found things that are really interesting but underrated by more known websites. One example would be a site where you can read manga are just about everywhere but there are some blogger sites that uploads those scans and below is a section where you could discuss and post your opinion on the said chapter, I know this is a common thing now a days but if you are in an office or school where firewall security is high for unrelated work or study sites, blogger is one of those back doors where you can find this kinds of stuff. That is why I'm building this site instead of posting my reviews and opinions to social networking sites or other more established review sites so that if ever you don't have access to those, you might just be find what you are looking for here, a site where every opinion matters be it trolling or a genuine message, raging out or just nonsensical crap that you just happen to think of, everything is accepted.

So welcome to my blog site! Omni Reviews! Where I, review just about everything! Have fun and read on!

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