Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A trip to Musandam, Oman from Dubai, UAE

It's pretty ironic for a blogsite that states reviews, now! to have a review of a place two years after we've been there, I know, procrastination will be my downfall. Let's get on with this review then!

Here in United Arab Emirates and just about any Islamic countries we have something called Eid break, it's the days after the holy month of Ramadan where we get several days off and this how we chose to spend it.

To get this trip started I strongly advised to purchase the whole package which means including transportation to get there since Musandam, Oman is quite far, 190kms far from the pickup point which is at Spinneys Bur Dubai, Dubai. Our package trip was bought in Cobone which I believe is available all year round, and looking at the package, not much has changed in the last two years. Make sure to read the fine print on the voucher bought because it will tell you all the things you'll need for this trip like your original passports and copies in order to get past the border.

"first let me take a selfie."

Getting to Musandam is a very scenic trip, you'll be driving through several of the Emirates to get there so sleeping is optional. Once you've reached the border, you'll need to show your passport and just follow what the staff is telling you, after everything is done then you'll continue to drive till you get to the shore. If you have a UAE sim card active on your phone, it would automatically switch to Oman's telco so no worries of not being able to contact anyone if needed.

Start of a very long ride.

Once you reach the shore the boat or dhow as they call will be waiting and your seafaring travels begins.

No signs of rain.

The dhow is wide and would feel wider specially if your group is small like ours, There's not much to do until you reach the cove where the party begins so start applying your sunblocks on because you're bound to get burnt. If you are not used to sea travel and strong waves then definitely take a motion sickness pill to not ruin your trip.

Upon arriving at the cove, there will be a quick rundown of the things you can do there and then afterwards the buffet will start, do enjoy the view of the mountain ranges and sea creatures around.

The crapper is found near the jumping platform of the dhow, and guess where the crap goes.

There's a lot of options from bread, pasta, rice, to veg and hummus, fruits, and multiple viands, also a fountain of drinks, there's a time limit though for the buffet so make sure to eat your fill so that you won't be looking for food once you start your activities.

And so, after all that travel you finally get to do what you came for, water activities! All of the facilities are paid for and comes with your package, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat, speed boat so no need to take out any more money and just enjoy the rest of the day.

And here's the highlight of the trip, the banana boat ride. 

After all the activities are done, you'll head back to port and then drive back to Dubai to end the day.

The cost of the trip and time of travel to the destination is all worth it, it's really difficult to get this kind of experience in a country full of sand but thanks to ease of transportation here, getting from the bustling city to this coastline to enjoy all these activities are in arms reach.

I highly recommend this to anyone who resides in UAE as residents, if you're a tourist though, I'm sure there are much better countries to experience this from, one place on top of my is the Philippines.

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