Saturday, August 13, 2016

Krispy Kreme - Morning Coffee and FREE* Donuts

What's so blog worthy of Krispy Kreme’s black coffee? None, but their free* donuts sure do and this review / public service announcement is all about that. Read more after the break.

My wife born and raised in Batangas, Philippines has been drinking coffee since they were toddlers while me on the other hand haven't had a black coffee till I was grown man, so naturally she'd ask to have a cup every once in awhile and Krispy Kreme is where we compromise to have one, well, because donuts.

This specific branch has its own donuts machine and that's the key when you decide to go to one, because every morning they cook a fresh batch and if you order anything on the menu, you get one FREE complimentary glazed donuts for each person with you ordering at the counter. There was one time where me, my wife, and mom ordered our usual Americano with 2 donuts of our choice and we got 3 free glazed which if bought individually costs more than our order.

3 Glazed Donuts, 1 New York Cheesecake, 1 Americano Coffee all for 11 dirhams
Krispy Kreme’s signature donut is the plain glazed one and what’s good about it is that when served directly from the conveyor belt, it literally melts in your mouth and has the right amount of sweetness. My preferred donut though is the New York Cheesecake, it’s quite heavy with cream and that’s what I like about it, a single piece is enough to fill you, now pair the donuts mentioned with an unsweetened black coffee and that’ll jump start your day.

I don't condone babies eating high sugary foods but we just came back from exercising so I guess this time it's acceptable (justifies intensely).

Donuts are unhealthy, high on sugar and heavy in oil, it would take you hours to burn one, and they are expensive but if you can get one or two for free then go right ahead!

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